Rules of Writing: Show, Don’t Tell

I want to taste, I want to smell, I want to see, I want to feel, I want to hear. A carnal writer takes you into the middle the scene, into the center of the action, where you can sweat alongside her character. Carnality makes the characters breathe on the page, and holds the reader’s attention, no matter the genre. Carnality gives your narrative teeth.

Dancing – January 30, 2009 | Part 2

[All photos from Unsplash] This is a serial telling of my falling-in-love story. Read the story from the very beginning here. Read Part 1 of “Dancing” here. You face me and hold out your hands. I grab hold and you pull me into the center of the floor. “Do you know the basic steps?” you ask. “How about […]

Top 5 Story Inspiration

Stories surround us. As an author, I find it vital to pay attention to the stories I come across by accident and also to tease out stories from their hiding places. My reward is a rich life of beauty. These are the stories (and the places I go to find the stories) that move me.

Top 5 Inspirations

As a creative writer, I search out inspiration everywhere. I habitually gather up a handful of my inspirations to share, in hopes that they might spark creativity in you as well! Image by @kobrastreetart Huffington Post’s “Weird News” Section The categories of the Huffington Post’s “Weird News” Section are as follows: Dumb Crime, Sex, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories, […]