Meeting – January 23, 2009 – Part 3

[All photos from Unsplash] This is part of the serialized publication of scenes from my falling-in-love memoir. Read Part 1 of “Meeting – January 23, 2009” here, and read Part 2 here. “Do you need prayer?” she asks, once I’m a few feet from her. “Yes,” I say, “I really do.” I smile. “Anything in particular?” she […]

Meeting – January 23, 2009 – Part 2

[All photos from Unsplash] This scene is part of the serialized publication of scenes from my falling-in-love memoir. Read Part 1 of “Meeting – January 23, 2009.” About then, the service starts. The lights dim and then flash in reds and blues as the stage fills with smoke. “Is that a fog machine?” I say. He […]

Meeting – January 23, 2009 | Part 1

[All photos from Unsplash] This post is the first scene in the serialized publications of my falling-in-love memoir. Enjoy! There’s much, much, MUCH more to come. I have a lot of my mind when I meet you. I have just moved to Colorado, and I find myself being set up with an old roommate of […]

Top 5 Inspirations

In an age of over-information, it can be hard to pay attention to what’s igniting our creativity. This new series is my attempt at capturing what got my brain spinning this week. ONE: Ultra Spiritual Life’s video, episode 38, “What I Love About the Olympics” Trust me. You need to see this.

The Artist is Present

Perhaps you’ve seen the show—you and 750,000 of your closest friends, who crowded through the Museum of Modern Art’s front door over the course of three months in the spring of 2010, to stand and stare at Marina Abramović, the Grandmother of performance art, sit in a chair across from a museum visitor. 1,565 people […]

The Cops and Me

In light of Alton Sterling’s shooting, I compiled a list of interactions I’ve had with the cops, as a white, middle class, millennial woman….