Prayer of the Blinded Woman

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I’m going to share something different today – I do not normally write poetry, but this prayer came out as a poem a few weeks back, and I returned to it this week to refine. I think it gives you a good picture of where I am today with my vision issue.

(I realize that it’s out of order chronologically, but folks often want to know how I am doing emotionally right now – so this is my somewhat opaque answer.)

Prayer of the Blinded Woman

Need death be what wakes you at 3AM, agog and panting,

like you’ve fallen beneath a wave and drunk its foam, sputtering and begging for relief?


May it be instead the release, the fist falling open,

and also the pitching backward in a flickering campfire game, another’s arms stretched to catch you by the armpits as you topple,

and the baseball clutched in the center of a mitt;

and the relief of stepping into the steaming tub, the water rushing into your gullies like the tide coming in, the resuscitation ofย one flesh;

and the embryo lodged between throbbing organs and vessels, anticipating that day when your limbs will follow you into the pop-eyed fluorescence – perhaps too bright for your new pupils – and a pair of familiar hands reach for you: quiet embrace.


Here you see clearly: all is well, and also with you.

A note to my most faithful readers: I’ve been working this week on a couple of new things (plus my eldest is on summer break from school, plus my vegetable garden has become a part-time job, plus we’ve had visitors in town, etc.). So I am a bit behind on the narrative of my diagnosis – I hope to be back at it next week.

Thank you so much for reading!

I wish I could give each of you a hug and buy you a big, fancy cup of coffee to say thanks (though, let’s be honest, I’m not rich enough in time or money to do that realistically! :-D). But it means so much to know that others are walking through this with me. I pray all the richest blessings of Jesus would fall on you in your own unique journey with him.

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Published author. Married to an artist. Two kids. Lives in a brick house in Denver, Colorado. Follower of Jesus. Find me on Instagram @elizcharlottegrant.

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