Come with Me – May 22, 2009

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From: Jeremy Grant, To: Liz Graves

09:05 AM:

Jeremy: What up G?

me: Ha. That works both ways, G. 🙂 You know – checking email. Waking up. How’s work?

Jeremy: ah. Work is good. we just got bagels. =)

me: always a highlight

So, I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while in person and keep forgetting/putting it off… but there’s this Christian arts ministry called Via Affirmativa – it’s sort of a side project of the nonprofit where I used to be an intern. Anyway, the urgency comes because  in a month and Via is gathering together artists from across the country/world/COLORADO SPRINGS AREA to get together and do art and talk about art and talk about Jesus… I thought you might be interested in going, too.

Jeremy: Well from what you’re saying, this conference sounds kind of cool. Is it held in town?

me: Yep, it’s in town. But um, but the part I didn’t tell you yet is… I just found out the deadline to sign up for the conference is, like, tomorrow.

Jeremy: Like I could still register tomorrow? or is today the last day to register?

me: You can still register tomorrow. So.

Jeremy: Ok. I’ll look into it

me: I’m going for sure – hopefully we can maybe sort of go together. : )

By the way, I wanted to get something off of my chest…

I’m sorry about last Wednesday – when you told everyone you hadn’t read the Mark passage for bible study, I think I missed an opportunity to show you grace. So let me do it now – we are all deeply flawed and of course we don’t read the Bible like we should, and I don’t think any less of you because of that. So. Yeah. That’s it.

Jeremy: =)

I actually didn’t feel in any way slighted or unfriended by you last Wednesday.

I do appreciate you saying that our friendship is not dependent on my varying degrees of perfection tho (or in this case imperfection). I’ve seen God use my sloppy and halfassed preparations so many times it’s ridiculous.

(Not that I’m proud of it, but it just shows that He’s “on the move,” I guess.)

me: well, thanks. Glad we’re friends.

Jeremy: k, I should get working. I’ll get back to you about that conference in a bit…

1:18 PM:

me: guess what!

Jeremy: your dog can fly!

me: yes – he’s teaching me later

Jeremy: GET OUT!

me: I will not get out. And nope.

Jeremy: I’ve never guessed right

me: Actually, my computer is just being insane. I even wrote some angry haikus about it… (Probably the first of their kind!)

Jeremy: I wondered why you keep going on- and offline like that.

me: Yep. Don’t mind me just chucking my computer out a window over here. Grrrrr

Jeremy: hey I’ve been looking at that conference… I got in touch with the guy in charge, and he sent me a schedule. I just emailed it to you.

1:23 PM:

me: So cool! Live jazz, bach cello recital, music collage, a play, “art as a gift to rehumanize the world”! This sounds like the sweetest conference ever. I hope you’re going to go with me, because it’d be more fun to go with somebody I know. : )

Jeremy: Only problem – it looks like it’s at the same time as some other events that weekend that I’m already committed to like going white water rafting with our friends.

me: Yeah, I’m planning to miss Saturday morning of the conference since I already signed up for rafting. It’s with your parents’ company, right?

Jeremy: Yep. I’ll probably guide that morning.

me: Really? You’re a rafting guide? What other superpowers do you have?

Jeremy: Wouldn’t you like to know

me: Yeah, I would, that’s why I asked.

Jeremy: ANYway, there’s a printmaking demo on Saturday morning of the Via conference that I kinda wanted to go to, so it’s decision time for me…

me: …So does this mean you’re coming with me?

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I am writing and serially publishing scenes from my falling-in-love memoir, about the anguished, beautiful, and spiritual way that my husband and I met, fell in love, and married. Read about my plans for this in-progress writing project here.

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