Need-Machines – March 18, 2009 | Part 2

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This is a serial telling of my falling-in-love story. Read the story from the very beginning here. Read Part 1 of “Need-Machines” here.

“So what is this passage all about, then?” says Suze.

We all quiet and stare at the words again, looking for answers.

Anthony looks up suddenly, already grinning, and says, “Kids are need-machines!”

We all begin to laugh, and I glance over at you, trying to catch your eye. “What are you talking about?” I say.

“I get it,” Kristina says, nodding. “Kids are needy. They’re not embarrassed to ask for what they need, right, babe? They’re pretty bold, actually.”

“Exactly,” says Anthony, who winks at Kristina.

“That reminds me of this sermon I heard the other day,” I say. “The pastor told the story of his five-year-old son who had just learned to ride a bike the week before, and the week after, now that his kid had gotten his bike-riding down, he asked his dad for a motorcycle – next-level bike, you know?”

“That’s great,” says Anthony.

You say, looking at me, “Sounds like that kid really got that his dad loved him.” Heads nod around the room, and I grin at you.

Then Suze says, “Personally, I love this passage because of how kind Jesus is to these kids, like what you’re saying, Jere. I mean, the disciples are shooing the kids away and Jesus stops them so that he can give these kids hugs and blessings!”

“I love that,” says Kristina.

“Yeah,” says Shack.

“And that’s what God is like…,” I say. “Seems like that would change how we lived if we could believe it.”

Then Anthony says, “Well, I’d say we pretty much figured this section out. Mission accomplished. The answer is need-machines. Right? Right?”

At that, Suze and Shack laugh loudly; Kristina grins proudly; I roll my eyes and guffaw; you smile and nod. “You can thank me later,” Anthony says. “I accept all types of baked goods.”

“Yeah, me too,” you say.

“How magnanimous,” I say to you both, smiling. “But it’s true! We are all need-machines. That’s the secret of life, right there.”

“No big deal,” you say and smile at me.

I am writing and serially publishing scenes from my falling-in-love memoir, about the anguished, beautiful, and spiritual way that my husband and I met, fell in love, and married.

Read the next in the series. Read the story from the very beginning here.

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