Doubting – February 21, 2009 | Part 2

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This is a serial telling of my falling-in-love story. Read the story from the very beginning here. Read Part 1 of “Doubting” here.

“Anyway,” Karen says, “Jeremy and I recently dated. Sort of. A month ago he wanted to get together, so we met up and he said, ‘Since we’re such good friends and we have so much in common, what do you say to giving this a try? There could be something here.’ I didn’t know what to say. I’ve never found him that attractive. He’s a bit… lanky,” Karen shrugs and smiles. “Muscley guys are more my type.”

“Oh, really?” I say.

“Yep,” says Karen, grinning. “Give me some meaty arms to cuddle into and I’m happy.”

Kristina and I chuckle. Then I ask, “So, what did you tell him?”

“I said okay, we can try it out, like, emphasis on the try. Then he called me that weekend, and I told him I already had plans all weekend, and couldn’t hang out, which I really did – but also, he freaked me out. I mean, we’ve known each other for practically our whole lives, so dating couldn’t be a casual thing for us. I just kept putting him off and ignoring his calls and telling him I was busy.”

Kristina wrinkles her nose, and I raise my eyebrows involuntarily.

Karen sighs and says, “I know, it was just awful. I finally called him and asked if he’d meet me at a Mexican fast-food chain. He bought me a burrito, and I told him I couldn’t do this, that it felt wrong to me, that he wasn’t my type, that I never saw myself dating him anyway because of Sarah. And that was our one and only date… so I’m not sure that counts as ‘dating’ technically,” says Karen.

“Probably not,” I say. “What did he say when you ended it?”

Karen says, “He didn’t say much.”

“Oh! And this past weekend was the Valentine’s Day party at Helen’s, right?” says Kristina.

“I didn’t hear about that,” I say.

“Yeah, it was kind of last minute…,” says Karen, and she and Kristina share a glance.

She continues: “We all met up at Mike’s house – do you know Mike? – and we watched a video all of us girls had made to show the guys – it’s hilarious, you’ll have to look it up online. I bet it’s on Facebook. But in one part, we talk about how not enough of our guy friends ask us girls out and that they should be more gutsy and take us girls on dates…” says Karen.

“Ouch,” I say.

“Yep. Jeremy walked out of the room in the middle of the video,” says Karen.

[To Be Continued…]

I am writing and serially publishing scenes from my falling-in-love memoir, about the anguished, beautiful, and spiritual way that my husband and I met, fell in love, and married.

Read the next in the series. Read the story from the very beginning here.

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